Maria Viftrup

Independent Artist and Designer

What if phones were made of [X] ?

This hands-on workshop explores how a shift in materiality might push imagination and curiosity towards alternative ways of communication and entanglement within the digital realm. Speculative tinkering with different materials will help you develop ideas for future/speculative digital ecosystems. You will focus on the material aspect of digital systems and use your hands to explore technology on a physical level.

During the workshop, you will speculate on the question “what if phones were made of Material [X]?” Maria Viftrup will guide you in the process of building a rough prototype made with the material given to you. Finally, you will test your prototype against the ones made by other participants.

About Maria

Maria Viftrup is a danish artist/designer crafting radical curiosity through experiences and material storytelling. Her engaging, colourful universe sparks open conversations about human relation to resources, production, value and especially so called “waste”.

She establishes collaborations between companies, municipalities and art institutions – always with a very hands-on approach to materials and physical experiences.

She is educated in sustainable material design at Designskolen Kolding. In 2019 she was awarded with the prize: Danish Design Award Young Talent for her project: Temporary Archive of Object Ecosystems – an engaging experience of biomaterials.

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